Purple Rose Abdominal Massage

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Purple Rose Abdominal Massage

Chaya had an existing WordPress installation that she wanted me to convert to the design we used for a previous website. She was also ready to expand her web presence with a blog. We added a dynamic testimonials section and shopping cart, so her clients could pay online prior to their session. We implemented a strong call to action that brought in new prospects almost immediately.  She is also planning to have interactive follow-up discussions with her course students.

Chaya and I enjoyed what I have now deemed ’empowerment sessions’ where we sat together with laptops open and worked to co-create content, tackle challenges and talk through taxonomies.      Chaya understands the importance and power of engaging and robust content and is in the process of working hard to expand her content. With our first website project, she developed a monthly newsletter program to stay in touch with her clients. She is planning to expand her social media presence in 2013.




What do you want it to look like?

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Whether you’re in the inspiration or creation stage of your project, talking about art is hard! I find it most helpful when my clients can answer the following questions and provide their own digital artifacts.

  • Please provide the urls of up to web SIX sites that you think are most like the ‘style’ or ‘image’ you  would like for your web site. Be specific if you like the site’s colors, text layout, or other ideas you have.
  • Are there existing graphics, logos, photos, images for the site?
  • Do you have a color scheme in mind?
  • Would you like to have any animated graphics, text or video on your web site?
  • Would you like to have any sound or music on your web site?

Looking at stock photo sites or ‘best of’ websites are a good way to get inspiration when building a website. Pop your targeted keywords into Google and look at the sites that come up. Why do you think it works or doesn’t work?

Hosting Options

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When selecting Web hosting services for your WordPress project, be sure the host is Wordpress friendly. Does it support the currently required technology?

Also helpful are access to the hosting account

  • Control Panel (C-panel)
  • FTP Access & Administration
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Email Administration

I offer basic WordPress Hosting but actually prefer my clients to host with a third party.

WordPress  maintains a list of recommended hosts. If you’re currently hosting on GoDaddy, and are happy with them, I am also familiar with their setup and can work with you, but no longer recommend them to new clients. I generally point people to DreamHost as their service is reliable and their support is great.

Shared vs. VPS vs Cloud?

Depending on what the scope of your project is you’ll need to consider what type of hosting you site will require. Most small business and independent entrepreneurs find a shared host sufficient. Fair warning: Shared hosts can be sloooooow. Often the addage ‘you get what you paid for’ is true, cheap service likely equals slow site load times for varying reasons. If your shared site is getting bogged down you could consider using VPS. CDN & Cloud hosting is a great option for large online stores with heavy image traffic load.


Add a slideshow using Slideshow Gallery plugin

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Assuming you have created a PAGE or POST and have added a GALLERY through ADD MEDIA, and are in EDIT mode, use the tab in the upper right and change the visual editor to TEXT mode.  In the body of the content where you’d like the slideshow to display, you’ll need to place a shortcode. For example:

[slideshow post_id="5" auto="true"]

For the shortcode to work, you will need to identify the post_id # for the page or post you’re working on. (yes, it’s post_id whether it’s a PAGE or POST.)  to do so, move your cursor over one of the Edit buttons near PUBLISH. In most browsers, this causes the url of the link to appear at the bottom left browser. You will see within that url the post_id (YNMV – your numeral may vary).


 In this shortcode, I have also added an “auto” parameter so the show advances automagically. Other preferences can be set site-wide or on individual slideshows as enumerated below. 

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