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Bone Flower Botanikals

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Bone Flower Botanikals is one of the many creative endeavors showcased here by my friend Venus. Her existing brand was beautiful and translated easily into web site design. After launching the first version (with e-commerce and facebook integration) Venus quickly wanted to expand her online reach.

<< 3 col design here >>

We upgraded her site to a 3 column grid. This enabled her to have additional navigation systems for some of her other creative endeavors. She wanted to start blogging and add sections for many of her other projects. She wanted her contact information easier to find.

Heartblood Cacao

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I LOVED creating a design with rich browns! It’s not everyday brown is the perfect color for a website. When launched this site had an animated billboard feature in the header to announce the company name change and logo redesign. Once launched, the client integrated a small shopping cart system and has expanded the content of the site with delicious¬†recipes!