How did I get here?

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In the mid-90s I was asked by a high tech marketing manager to take over for the fired-webmaster. I knew very little html at the time, but learned quickly and enjoyed the creative power of css. In the subsequent 13 years I call my ‘corporate days’, I worked in several software companies on small and large corporate teams creating all manner of marketing – including translations of software websites, brand development, and electronic marketing and social media.

In 2005, I left the software world to begin my own adventure as a proprietor of a healing arts center and retail shop. I built a successful brick and mortar store, developed a decent following online with e-newsletters, an online store, and social media and continue to manage the shop’s electronic marketing today. We sold the shop to new owners in winter of 2012.

Since 2009, I have been building my own freelance marketing business that caters to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are in the DIY set. I do some print design, but have mainly website clients with whom I use only WordPress. I currently mange a few dozen websites in production, as well as several sites in development / maintenance mode.