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Purple Rose Abdominal Massage

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Chaya had an existing WordPress installation that she wanted me to convert to the design we used for a previous website. She was also ready to expand her web presence with a blog. We added a dynamic testimonials section and shopping cart, so her clients could pay online prior to their session. We implemented a strong call to action that brought in new prospects almost immediately.  She is also planning to have interactive follow-up discussions with her course students.

Chaya and I enjoyed what I have now deemed ’empowerment sessions’ where we sat together with laptops open and worked to co-create content, tackle challenges and talk through taxonomies.      Chaya understands the importance and power of engaging and robust content and is in the process of working hard to expand her content. With our first website project, she developed a monthly newsletter program to stay in touch with her clients. She is planning to expand her social media presence in 2013.




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